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Why Measuring Your Zebra Blinds is Important

Why Measuring Your Zebra Blinds is Important Zebra blinds are a great way to add style and privacy to your home. These unique window coverings consist of two layers of fabric that move independently of each other, allowing for greater control over light and privacy. However, to ensure that your zebra blinds fit perfectly, it's important to measure them accurately. Inaccurate measurements can lead to blinds that don't fit properly, and may not provide the necessary privacy or light control that you need. Fortunately, measuring zebra blinds is a relatively simple process that can be done by anyone with a measuring tape and some basic knowledge. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps you need to take to measure your zebra blinds like a pro! INSIDE MOUNT https://zebrablindstogo.com/ WIDTH: Measure from left to right in 3 positions (top, middle, bottom). Take the smallest measurement. HEIGHT: Measure from top to bottom in 3 positions (left, center, right). Take the smallest measurement. Do not make any deductions when you are measuring. The manufacturer will be sure to make them for a perfect fit. Important notice For roller shades, sheer shades, zebra blinds will be the same width as the measurement given and the fabric will be shortened by manufacturer about 1/16 an inch on each side. https://zebrablindstogo.com/ OUTSIDE MOUNT https://zebrablindstogo.com/ WIDTH: Give the measurements of the space you want to cover from left to right. HEIGHT: Give the measurements of the space you want to cover from top to bottom. The width and height measurement should always include the cassette, valence, headrail or roller. Important notice The cassette, valence, headrail or roller will be the same width as the measurement given and the fabric will be shortened about 5/8th of an inch on each side, which is why, for example, if the space to be covered is 60" in width, it is recommended to order 64" (or 2" extra on each side) to ensure that the entire window frame is covered, preventing any light from penetrating through any gaps.
  1. Proper Fit:

    • Accurate measurements help ensure that your zebra blinds fit the window space precisely.
    • A perfect fit enhances the aesthetic appeal of your window coverings, contributing to the overall decor of your home.
  2. Effective Light Control:

    • Zebra blinds are designed to provide versatile light control options.
    • Proper measurements enable the blinds to cover the entire window, minimizing gaps where light could penetrate.
  3. Enhanced Privacy:

    • Zebra blinds offer a unique combination of sheer and solid fabric panels for privacy control.
    • Precise measurements prevent gaps, ensuring that your zebra blinds effectively protect your privacy.
  4. Smooth Operation:

    • Accurate measurements contribute to the smooth operation of zebra blinds.
    • Properly fitted blinds are less likely to get stuck or face issues during daily use.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal:

    • Well-fitted zebra blinds enhance the overall aesthetics of your windows and the room.
    • Incorrectly measured blinds may appear disproportionate or awkward, affecting the visual harmony of the space.
  6. Prevention of Light Leaks:

    • Zebra blinds are designed to eliminate light leaks for better light control.
    • Accurate measurements, especially for outside mounts, help prevent gaps and ensure the blinds cover the entire window frame, minimizing light leakage.
  7. Ordering Accuracy:

    • Accurate measurements assist in ordering the right size of zebra blinds.
    • Following the provided guidelines for inside or outside mount ensures that you order blinds that meet the specific requirements of your windows.
  8. Avoiding Returns and Replacements:

    • Precise measurements reduce the likelihood of ordering incorrect sizes, minimizing the need for returns or replacements.
    • This saves time and effort, ensuring that you receive the blinds you need without unnecessary delays.

By taking the time to measure your zebra blinds correctly, you can enjoy the full benefits of these stylish and functional window coverings in your home.

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